How to KILL IT on Clubhouse

How to KILL IT on Clubhouse

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Mr. Biz Radio: How to KILL IT on Clubhouse!

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All right. Welcome to another episode of Mr. Biz radio with me, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth, and this week we're going to shift gears a little bit, and we're going to talk about a bunch of different things. Our guests this week are I like to call them the dynamic duo of clubhouse. First of all second of all, they have a ton of entrepreneur experience. So I want to talk about some of their entrepreneurial experience because I think that'll be valuable for the listeners and then we're going to have them give it, we're going to talk about their presence on clubhouse. That's what I want to focus. Kind of some of our efforts on that. Cause we haven't really talked about clubhouse too much on the show and it's definitely an app out there that is, is really good tool for some folks and is a great personal development tool you get in the right places or rooms on all sorts of different topics. And as I mentioned, our guests this week are the dynamic duo of clubhouse. They've been on it. They've been hardcore from almost the beginning and have grown one of the largest clubs on clubhouse called what it takes to run a million dollar business. So if you're on clubhouse and you're not in their club, go out and join their club. First of all, second of all, let me welcome to the show without further ado, Daniel Robbins and Kate Hancock. Welcome to the show guys.


Amen. Thank you. Honored to be here.


Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much. Yeah, absolutely. No, it's I know we were bouncing back and forth on clubhouse. This has been several months in the making getting Kate and Dan on the show, but I've been looking forward to it for a while. So let's just start with that. And you know, let's talk about your entrepreneurial journey. I know between the two of you, you've done a lot of different things before getting to where you are with IBH media.


Yes, absolutely. I actually started with econ commerce in 2012. You know, I was working full time with a skincare company. I was in Austin, Texas, and Costco. It was a Tuesday morning. It was so boring and I started scanning stuff online. And so I fold two items that day. I bought a box and a tape from staples and you know, that's $20. I scaled it to selling a million after 12 months and 15 million after four months, I mean, four years after that. So that was my entrepreneurial journey right there.


Well, no wonder you, you have a club called what it takes to run a million dollar business because you build it in 12 months, which is an amazing, what were some of the, you know, gosh, you know, I'm sure there's a lot skipped over in there. And a lot of hard, a lot of sweat, blood, sweat, and tears in the middle. What were some of the challenges you faced in building that e-commerce business?


I think running by myself and to VA in the Philippines and using my garage as a as my warehouse, I definitely scaled too fast too soon. My team can keep up with the growth and that's such a dangerous game. You play that just not long-term. So I wish I had that mindset that as you scale, you need to have a brand new mindset, a new team to embrace that growth. So that was my big mistake right there.


Well, it's an interesting thing. You mentioned Kate because I, I, you know, in my line of work as being a, a, a fractional CFO for businesses, I see that. And, and I'm glad you mentioned it because it does take a different mindset, you know, going from, you know, well, even zero to a million is, is significant growth, especially in such a short period of time and only 12 months, but, you know, even going from, you know, that, that 1 million to 15, over four years, you know, it does take a different mindset. And I T T as the leader of the organization when you're a one, 2 million our business, as opposed to being 10 plus. And so I'm glad you mentioned that because I see a lot of businesses that start to scale, and all of a sudden they were having this explosive growth and then holy crap, the wheels are falling off. They're there, they're veering off the road. Like, you know, they're like what the heck is going on. And I think that was a big part of it. What are, what are some of the things that made you recognize that though?


Well, I, as, as you know, we have more inventory, our issues are more complex. It just way more headache to deal with. It just becomes bigger. And we just can't sustain running that, you know, massive scale of the growing the e-commerce is you just need to too many people. So, you know, and I'm, you know, that was my first business, actual business, you know, it just fall in my lap and I didn't have an experience of running a business. So you can just imagine I'm surprised I lasted eight years running it with no business experience.


Well, you definitely went through the school of hard knocks of running a business during those eight years. I'm sure,


Definitely. That definitely. Katie,


I think that sounds like a book that sounds like a book. You have a book in, you


Think I can write a book?


Absolutely, absolutely.


Well, no, seriously. I mean, think about it. There are a lot of people who take and take that leap, that entrepreneurial leap, and they don't make it eight years. And they don't have the success that you had for sure. And so, you know, I think it probably knowing your personality, it would be, you could make it pretty humorous as well, because you can talk about, oh my gosh, here's guys listen to this complete screw up. I had, you know, where I did this, this and this. And I think it'd pretty interesting. Yeah.


Yeah. I think the big lesson for me, because I was doing it with that through Amazon. At the time I was definitely the right time in the right place at that like 2012, it was like a wild, wild west doing business with Amazon. But the key here, if you rely your business to be the big giant, it's just not sustainable. So it's so important for you to own your real estate. And, you know, that's something I learned from Amazon doing business with Amazon. And to be honest, in 2018, the day before our flight to our wedding in the Philippines, Dan and I, they suspend my account. So you can just imagine, I, one point I told Dan, like, should we continue this wedding? I think I'm, I have to face this. I have a half a million dollars of inventory sitting in my account. And that was our bread and butter in the beginning. And I was still doing construction and expanding our hotel business in the Philippines. So I have so many projects that relined finally, that, you know, the money is coming from the e-commerce. So you can just imagine how I feel. It was like, I don't know what to do.


Oh, man. I can't imagine it. And talk about terrible timing. Oh my gosh. I can't even imagine the emotions that were, you know, going through your, your head, both at both you guys dealing with that right before your wedding. I man, I'm man, but I, you know, it's, it's interesting. I, I feel the same way. I mean, I think as you mentioned, relying on one, you know, giant, I know a lot of people who run their business and again, and mostly e-commerce that's they do everything is on either Google ads or everything's on Facebook ads and that's fine. And you can make that work, but at some point they could pull the plug on that. Right. All of a sudden Facebook decides that the type of business you run, they don't allow the advertising on your platform. If that is your, you know, the sole source of all of your lead generation, all of a sudden you are absolutely screwed. Or in your case, if they decide to suspend your account or whatever. So, oh my gosh, I can't even imagine. So did you, do what'd you decide to do that, you just kind of put it aside and say, look, let's just do the wedding and I'll, I'll deal with it after.


Yeah. So basically you know, I feel bad just in my friends bought a business class, flying to Asia. I can't just cancel the wedding. I paid all of it already with paid everything's taken care of. So literally all we have to do to show up. So I have to, I really have to talk to myself like, okay, I'm going to be friends for the next eight days. And I'll just literally just not my brain. I'll said, you know, I'll figure out what kind of when I come back. So we did have a great time, but it was very difficult. There's some moments that if I'm in a quiet sitting and thinking about it, like, okay, let's go back to the fun things. Yeah. So it was very different.


Yeah. I can imagine. Well, again, this week we're talking with Kate Hudson and Dan Robbins, you can find out more about, and we're going to talk more about your current business. One of the is IBH media. You can find that come back after the break on Mr. Biz radio


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All right. Welcome back to the,


The show is time for the Mr. Biz tip of the week. And this week's tip is this is going to sound a little harsh brace yourself. You can't fire bad employees, fast enough. They erode morale and kill overall performance. Think about it. If you have, think about how your strong performers over time will react when you have a terrible employee. And that comes in a lot of different definitions, right? Terrible employee could be someone with a crappy attitude. That's just dragging everyone else down. It could also be someone who's who just isn't cutting the mustard, right? They're just not pulling their weight. Think of the impact that has on the rest of your team, especially some of your strong performers. When they see, first of all, they're probably picking up the slack for that person and, or even if their work is okay, but their attitude is crappy.


They're probably, you know, if you have strong performers, they're the ones going around trying to pick everyone back up, right? So th that there's a burden there that gets put on your stronger performers. And over time, if you don't take action on that, they're going to get kicked off. They're gonna end up leaving you. And now what are you left with? You know, you're, you lost strong performance and you're left with some of the crappy ones because you didn't have the fortitude to take action. And I don't, you know, you got to give people a chance, right? You got to give them the feedback. You got to be very transparent, let them know where they're falling short, give them some opportunities to correct that. But if they don't do it, you got, you gotta take action quickly. Because again, it can really, really, really start to erode things.


I know, especially in today's labor market, being as tight as it is, it's, it's difficult. It's a difficult decision to make, but I'll tell you the you'll see the weight that gets lifted not only off yourself, but also your overall team, when you get rid of someone who is that really bad performance, you know, as I say, addition by subtraction. So so that's Mr. Biz tip of the week. This week, let's get back into talking with Kate Hancock, complete fo Paul on my part. I apologize, Kate. I was somehow thinking we had the actress, Kate Hudson on the show and it's Kate Hancock and Dan Robbins. But let's talk a little bit more, let's go into what you do with IBH media.


Dan, do you want to set?


Yeah. Why don't you go ahead and then I can jump in.


Yes, absolutely. So IVH media that's stand for inspired by her. So that's one part of that media companies are mastermind. So what we do is we help entrepreneurs tools, transform the business, scaling up strategies and have them grow as a leader and as a person.


Yeah. And then it, it was really all started with the, with last year, like Kate was saying when COVID hit, lot of stuff was shut down. We got thinking like, what are we going to do next? Because we have quite a bit of time. A lot of our businesses were involved with things that were on the, on the lockdown. And we said, we want to impact a hundred million entrepreneurs. And it really started with a media company around a podcast. And how do we get to this hundred million mark? But what we found is leveraging like Kate was saying our audience, and as we build the audience, we figured what things can we provide? What services can we provide? And that's where the mastermind came in. But on the flip side, I've been doing PR for Kate and for the companies that we've had since, you know, eight years ago, nine years ago.


And so people have come to us and said, Hey, I would also like some, I want to get into some publications. I want to build you know, when you search my name, I want things to come up. And I just didn't have the time. We were just so busy. But with the fact that a lot of our stuff was on shutdown and we didn't know for how long we started the ability to actually bring in clients. So I went back to Pete wants said, Hey, you were looking for the service. Are you still open? And so we do is we basically get them featured into top tier media publications, and which could be mostly it's written publications, but it could be a TV. It could be speaking engagements, podcast, guesting, things like that. And now we've even added in the fact that we're going to train people in media. And then we've also recently just gotten an actual TV show on Fox, which is pretty cool. So we want to highlight additional people that we've met, entrepreneurs, stuff like that.


Well, and talk to me about your three PS. I know you'd like to, one of the things that you guys do with IBH is you amplify the brand and media with the three feet with, with the three P's, what are your three PS Dan?


Yeah. So that's publications, podcast, guesting and public speaking. So those are the three things that I really focused on with Kate and then myself and then the businesses that we had. So I figured since we built those relationships and that's kind of been our expertise for, for this time, we might as well now open it up because if we can do that with Kate or myself, you can do that with anyone. It's, it's the same process.


Yeah. And so I also want to mention too, I think one thing that I was when I was doing some show prep and digging into what you guys do with IPH media is you guys give 10% of your profits away when you tell us a little bit about that and not mission.


Yeah. So something that we we've always helped people in the Philippines, that's where Kate's from. Like we have a business there and part of that business, even the business in the U S we give footwear to kids and we've always gone every year and give hundreds or thousands of this. Flip-Flops and footwear to these kids, food, other things like that. So we've always held people there. But what we wanted to do is we really wanted to help people become entrepreneurs, because that's really how you build the economy. Right? A lot of people in the Philippines are known for these freelancers VAs, but they're not really known for the having entrepreneurs and business owners. So we do is we wanted to create a fund and an ability to invest in whether through mentorships or even money. In, at first it was businesses owned by women, but we've expanded that it was women in tech and now we were going into other things, but it's really helping out these future entrepreneurs in the Philippines really create businesses, maybe even the next unicorn.


That's awesome. That's awesome. Love to hear missions like that. Love to hear about philanthropy. And also, you know, obviously like the highlight that whenever we have a guest on who is involved and things like that, and you know, like you said, you you're, you're helping the future entrepreneurs. And not only that, not only monetarily, but, you know, I'm sure when some of these folks who help you can help them again, you know, as we were talking earlier, Kate's a school of hard knocks business lessons that she's learned over the years can help a lot of these women as they're getting started out.


Yeah. We definitely found that it wasn't money as the biggest driving force. It was the knowledge, the mentorship, they just don't have somebody like you're saying Kate, especially some, it looks like them. That's been a big thing is it's always some, it looks like me helping people in the Philippines, but it's not somebody from the Philippines that looks like Kate who grew up there helping people in the Philippines. So I think that's been such a big part in that. I don't want to speak for her, but I know that's something that even touches my heart is it's, it's so inspiring and motivating when it's somebody who looks like you, who's been through you that can help you and show you that you can get out of the situation you're in. So that that's been a big part is really been that mentorship, the highlighting, you know, definitely getting Kate out there to show them that they can do it.


Yeah, I can imagine. And I think that's, that's, that's a very real a real thing, Dan, and as you said, no offense, you Dan, but you don't look like you're from the Philippines. Neither do I, but no, I think that is really important is, is you know, a lot of minorities, regardless, whether it's, you know, folks in the Philippines African-Americans et cetera, it is, you know, like you said, usually it's, it's someone that looks like me or you Dan that's, that's trying to help these folks. And it's just not, I don't think the message resonates nearly as well and unless, or until it's from someone again, who looks like them and can resonate with their background, et cetera. I think that's super powerful and very important. Again, this week, we're talking with Kate Hancock and Dan Robbins of IBH media. You can find out more at definitely want to follow them on social media, Daniel Robbins, Kate Hancock, and on clubhouse, which we're going to get to in this third segment, they have one of the largest clubs in clubhouse. It's called what it takes to run a million dollar business. And as you heard, they definitely know what it takes to run a million dollar plus business. So a lot of great things shared in that club.


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All right. Welcome back to the show Mr. Biz radio. And we are again talking this week with Mr. Dan Robbins and Kate Hancock, the dynamic duo of clubhouse. And I know I've been talking about cloths and we barely even started talking about it. So I want to focus this last segment on clubhouse because Dan and Kate have grown a massive club, as I mentioned a couple of times, and I want them to focus in on that. So let's first start with, how did you guys pivot towards clubhouse? How'd you first hear about it and decide, Hey, maybe we should jump on here and start to build something.


Yeah. I actually saw one of the posts of Perry Belcher. It was the marketer, if you don't know him and he was talking about it, like this is invite only, and everyone wants to get in. It's hard to get in. So I decided to sign up out of nowhere and actually somehow one of my friends are in there and let, let me in. So there was an exciting time. And to be honest, we just went in there out of curiosity, but in the beginning of the service, it was all music room, entertainment rooms, all the entertainment world. So there's really not a business category and have that discussion. So that was, that was early on Dan, what's your thoughts on that?


Yeah, I mean the same thing, it was, it was really interesting, the rooms that were happening. And I think as we started to see more internet marketers or digital marketers coming on, the landscape was definitely changing. And then you saw like the who's who in the business and marketing world, all of a sudden were just converged in one day on this app, it was pretty incredible.


And you guys have had, so again, they built a huge club. So again, if you're on clubhouse unit and or you are going to get on it, go out and find the, what it takes to run a million dollar business club. They've got, they're closing in on a hundred thousand members in the club ton of rooms they run out of there really good stuff. And you had a pretty cool moment that actually happened. So first of all, I know you've run some massive, long, long, long rooms setting records and, and whatnot. And so what we would end up being the longest running room you had,


Oh my God, it's 85 days, 44 hours a day, seven days a week, we've impacted 110,000 entrepreneurs globally. It was run by 1500 moderators that take turns. We have the crew from Australia, from UK, India. It was fascinating. I have to say it really hone my leadership skills, managing entrepreneurs with type a, it was fascinating. And it's the best MBA could ever up.


Yeah, for sure. And you guys also had a really cool moment with Grant Cardone. So Grant's been on the show before lane has been on the show as well. And grant land that has a an interesting opportunity in one of your rooms. Is that correct?


Yes, absolutely. He actually closed a movie deal alive in our room during our first Martha and room. And the funny thing is, well, they were doing the deal someone and the rumor mill. It's very funny.


Yeah, I remember I was just getting on, actually, I think, I think I got, I, I joined the platform, I think right after that happened, but I remember hearing about it several times and I have a grant is even talked about it several times as well. So super cool. And of course the movie that he was in, he was a security guard in the movie. And Robert de Niro was in the movie. So now I know grant at something he boasts about that, you know, he was in a movie with, with Robert DeNiro. So pretty cool, a pretty cool experience for him. So I guess now, now that we know you guys are the dynamic duo of clubhouse if you would give it, give the listeners some tips, what are some things that you would suggest if you're on clubhouse, how to better utilize it?


Yeah, I think as soon as you like someone you align you that person's value and someone that you wanted to do business with, you got to go into scheduling a meeting right away, or else it's just going to waste your time. I mean, we've made a mistake of running hours and hours with no goal, which is, I would not recommend you doing this, then you'll just waste all that time and time is money, right. But definitely set up a meeting right away and get to know that person and build relationship. And you'll never know what that relationship ends with. And we've been doing it the last few months and it's been really doing well for Dan and I.


Yeah. And I will, I will forewarn you guys. One thing I will you know, that you gotta be careful of if you're anything like Mr. Biz. I have been pinged into a couple of, for me late night rooms with Dan and Kate after hours rooms. And perhaps I should not have gone into these rooms because I perhaps had been partaking in some adult beverages. And I think I probably provided a little bit too much entertainment for some of the people in the room,


The chill night rooms. If you're talking about business, when you talk about business all day long, I mean, it's like overload for your brain. So yeah, sometimes at night we would kind of like switch to the chill night room.


Yeah. Yeah. I, I remember popping into a few of those on a, you know, like a Friday evening, maybe even a Saturday evening and you know, it's 11 o'clock for you guys. It's 2:00 AM for me. And it's like, I've been up, you know, a long time and maybe out a few at all beverages. So always interesting, always interesting. So what are some other things you think well, so first of all, what do you think clubhouse? What does that platform now that you've been on it for such a time and have such a presence on there? What do you think it is? The business people are best geared towards clubhouse who would best benefit from it. I should say.


Yeah, we have a wide brains of audience. I have to say when the app launched, we have amazing and quality entrepreneurs were in it, I think right now it's a lot of startups. So again, you got to make sure you strategize shirts your time, so you're not wasting your time. But once in a while, there's about 1% are really amazing entrepreneurs. You just gotta be you know, again, it's a super niche, right? You just gotta find where they hang out, but we're lucky enough that we build a strong culture and there are a club. Everyone knows the expectations and we tend to have the high caliber entrepreneurs hanging out in our rooms. So I have to say it took us a while to build it. It was worth it, but again, be focused and have a goal of your time in there.


Yeah, I think that's super important. And the other thing I'll tell you, I think could, could be a benefit for some people, is that if you are one of those folks that maybe you're an entrepreneur and you need to put yourself out there a little bit more, maybe you get nervous doing public speaking. Maybe, you know, you need to do more of it. You need to put yourself out there more with that type of thing. Clubhouse is a fantastic opportunity to do that because it's, for those unfamiliar it's, it's audio only. So, and you're on you're, you're literally all call it being on stage you're on stage. And a lot of these rooms have hundreds of people in the room. So think about how many opportunities you would have to speak, quote unquote, in front of hundreds of people. And you know, it's, it's a little easier because you don't have all the eyes on you and being up on a, on a live stage. But I think it gives folks an opportunity to practice some of their public speaking skills as well.


Yeah, absolutely. About Dan what's the average listening time is like 15 to 20 minutes and easily for an hour. If you maximize your time, you have 1500 people listening to you. So, you know, what are the chances of you being on stage and 1500 people listening to you in an hour? So that's definitely something massive in that scale utilizing audio. But I remember in the beginning we probably had 50,000 listeners in a day. So you could use it as a research and development. You get asked questions about your next strategy. There's a lot of things you can utilize prop house, even up to this day. You just have to make sure you look for the right room for you. Yeah.


Yeah. I mean, you know, NFT, if you don't know what NFTs are, there are a ton of NFP rooms you could learn about crypto. You could learn about all sorts of everything's the music industry, entertainment, dating, like there's all sorts of different things. So definitely if you haven't check it out and when you do check it out, make sure you go out and join the, what it takes to run a million dollar business club. Dan, Kate unfortunately we're out of time here at time flies by when you're having so much fun here, but really appreciate you guys coming on.


Well, we're honored to be here and thank you. So it's a fun top.


Yeah, absolutely. Appreciate it guys. So again Kate Hancock and Dan Robbins, you can find out more follow them on social media as well. Thanks for listening guys. Have a great week and don't forget as always cash flow is king.


This has been Mr. Biz radio to learn how to become part of Mr. Biz nation visit for access to free weekly content, subscribe to the Mr. Biz YouTube channel and follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, to listen to archive shows. You can find them on the Mr. Biz Solutions website.

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